Sunday, 3 April 2016

Errin - Political Map

A Sketch Map of the Political Divisions of the Kingdom of Errin in the North West of Tir-Mor.

Allied to the Lornian Empire to the North East and currently at war with it's neighbour Pellandria to the South.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pellandria - Political Map

Sketch Map of the Political regions of Pellandria, situated in Northern Tir-Mor.

The western provinces (beingnewly settled/conquered) as yet do not have official nomenclature.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

WIP Artwork - Wendich Landscape

A small bit of WIP artwork of the view of the town of Wendich and environs in Central Lorn.

Friday, 18 July 2014

New Campaign Map

Northern Wars Campaign Map
I've been working on a re-vamped (close detail) campaign map for the War of Rulership campaign which I have now finished.

With a high resolution and multiple layers I can edit, alter boundaries and zoom in and produce detail maps to my hearts content.

I'm now going to transpose a separate layer for army and troop positions and movements and the campaign action can notch up a gear.

With the progress on the campaign pretty slow but steady the first winter is drawing to close and things are hotting up with a few surprises, even for me (which is nice) so reports on the War will finally begin to appear soon.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lornian Assault Trooper

This soldier is a Lornian Assault Trooper and is a member of the Imperial retinue.

An elite body who are formed from other Imperial regiments from time to time, usually on campaign and are drawn from the best and most proficient men available at the time.

Formed into small heavily armed and armoured units, it is the job of these soldiers to storm fortifications and breaches in defense's and break enemy formations on the battlefield.

The pavaise the warrior carries has the Cheansachad Imperial colour's of black, white and red and bears the device of the white tower, one of the emblems of the Queen, signifying his membership of the White Leopards, one of the Imperial Household regiments.

These bands of assault troops are often picked from the younger noblesse and are rightly feared by their foes for their courage and fierceness in the breach. This elan is largely a factor of that if they are victorious and survive their 'promotion' to the often fatal posting, they can expect great rewards and field promotion if they do.

The units of assault troops are usually temporary formations and are stood down after assault's or occassionally at the end of campaign's.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Pell Warrior

This time we have a drawing from '84 of a Pell Warrior (a Thourrgruhu).

A race of Saurian creatures who originated from the southern sea-board of Kairell but over several migrations in huge numbers the Pell moved and now occupy regions of north-western Tir-Mor and in the south east extending into the island reaches west of Aldoras. 

Existing in large clan based hordes, their numbers have declined over recent centuries from their peak during the Age of the Deathlords, with Pellandria now being the largest population centre of the species, the realm getting it's name from these doughty people. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Errinian Foot Knight

Another old sketch resurrected, this time of an Errinian Foot Knight.

Depicting a Foot Knight of Krynar descent, these peoples make up the backbone of the Errinian forces and are enthusiastic in their support of the ruling Dragon Lords.

Ferren Myoch, located in the north east of Errin on the Lornian Empire border, and part of Ellenshermall Duthaich (Province or territory), the area being well known for the quality of it's infantry, many of whom hire themselves out as mercenaries, or more accurately condotterie, to their Lornian neighbours in particular.

The sketch was done back in '84 and was always a favourite of mine. I had intended to do a colour version of this sketch and I may now get around to this with the aid of technology.