Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Errinian Foot Knight

Another old sketch resurrected, this time of an Errinian Foot Knight.

Depicting a Foot Knight of Krynar descent, these peoples make up the backbone of the Errinian forces and are enthusiastic in their support of the ruling Dragon Lords.

Ferren Myoch, located in the north east of Errin on the Lornian Empire border, and part of Ellenshermall Duthaich (Province or territory), the area being well known for the quality of it's infantry, many of whom hire themselves out as mercenaries, or more accurately condotterie, to their Lornian neighbours in particular.

The sketch was done back in '84 and was always a favourite of mine. I had intended to do a colour version of this sketch and I may now get around to this with the aid of technology.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

War of Rulership Campaign 001

War of Rulership Campaign Map
So it begins, the War of Rulership campaign. The war that will bring death, defeat and an ending to some, a glorious victory and overlordship to others.

It is the year 747( Lornian Calender), or the year 12,838 of the 47th Age of Cataclysms, and the war of Rulership as it has come to be known has raged across the face of Alba for four years, and will bring the Age to an ending before long.

With the conflict slowly escalating from major border skirmishes between the Lornian Empire and the Moon an Dorians, coupled with ongoing border disputes between Tollandor, Dalriada, Mernoth, Elistan, Mor and Cellebria in the north, and Errin and Pellandria in the south, along with growing pressure from the Nomad peoples of Fayrenneth and Erchmairenn, the strife soon boiled over into open warfare.

The war has ebbed and flowed for the last four long years with the Tollandorian ruling family being wiped out and their fellow Clenach, the Lornians, subsuming these lands into the Empire for 'protection' and Mon an Dor losing huge swathes of its southern territories to the Lornians after the epic battle of the Mrackinair Hills.

The Errinians are on the back foot after a string of surprising defeats to the Pellandrians, and the northern realms having fought each other to a standstill now face growing incursions from the Serwhon and Nierkesh Nomads, and to the east Terrifeth stands alone against an  equally belligerant Meshirrakand.

A lull, forced on by political and physical exhaustion has settled on the combatants, as all draw breath and attempt to manoeuvre into better positions, as several other players circle the cock-pit to see if any advantage can be picked up from the on coming struggle sure to erupt again.=
The map above shows the initial areas of control for the major players in the coming campaign.

All the players are set and the dice are ready to roll on what promises to be an interesting and rewarding campaign.

The campaign will be played largely on paper/online with the major or critical events being played out on the table top, both skirmish and battle.
The Combatants (so far)

The Lornian Empire - Emperor Hendorad I
The Cellebrian Protectorate - High Priest Yorvakliss
The Empire of Corrindesse - Emperor Kholva III
The Tollandorian Protectorate - Convener Arich Sheanndraugh
The Kingdom of Dalriada - King Angaharad Meargallan
Elistain - Lord Ythoull Themmannish
The Kingdom of Mernoth - Arwain Higbert Doullinach
The Kingdom of Moon an Dor - New Emperor Tharginold Meas-Sheckinarr
The Kindgom of Mor - King Thorkel Yonggaard
The Kingdom of Pellandria - Argan-Warache Neeltallus Voon
The Duchy of Quwhoneth - (Unknown)
The Kingdom of Errin - King Kerronad XIV
Terrifeth - Lord High Marshal Insabod Tibertt
The Kingdom of Sansaa - King Hath Klomara
and the Nomads

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Small Update

Lornian Reiver of Magon Karon
Haven't been able to get much concrete progress on the things of an Alba nature for ages, but thought I'd get a note down on what progress has been made.

The work on the campaign has moved on a couple of small steps  as far as the organisation and rules for the bigger picture is concerned, but not any on the maps but I should rectify this over the next couple of weeks.

Some small progress on troops (figures) for the Lornian armies has been made, concentrating on the Northern Lornian troops mainly but again more sorting out figures and so on.

I've gone through the mass of material that I produced fore Alba and going through it after a fair number of years, it was like discovering it all over again, which was like coming home. I did see that I was not happy to reproduce the vast proportion of it as I feel it is not in a state to publish or really reproduce as it stands. The bulk of the material being hand written ( in my rather stylised script that I did back then) and drawn and a big amount of it is showing the signs of age.

The upshot of this is that I will need to re-do the bulk of it in a form I'm happy with. This will need to be planned out and see what is worth re-doing and what can be discarded and what re-done. This will need to be revisited, but there is every chance that other than the map project, which stands by it's self, the focus will be, for obvious reasons (at least to myself) the Empire of Lorn.

The main drive which has had tangible results to date, has been on the book. A plot line has been sorted out and the majority of the characters have been decided upon. The opening chapter has been set both in location and structure so I aim to get busy with some writing over the next few weeks to actually get some words down and get this going.