Monday, 31 October 2016

Tollandor - Political Map

The erstwhile Kingdom of Tollandor, situated in south eastern portion of the continent of Fayrenneth is one of the group of young kingdoms which sprang up after the demise of the Celebrian Empire three or four hundred years ago.

The kingdom having always had close political and cultural ties with the Lornian Empire to the south east, has fallen into the arms of the Lornian Empire following the demise of the last king and his heir fighting with their allies at the Battle of the Mrackinair Hills. The kingdom is currently a Protectorate of the Lornian's until a new king can put on the throne.

The realm has suffered severely over the last four years of war and is trying to recover from the ravages of the conflict with a growing movement internally, to separate themselves from the Lornian's and the war.

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