Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lornian Assault Trooper

This soldier is a Lornian Assault Trooper and is a member of the Imperial retinue.

An elite body who are formed from other Imperial regiments from time to time, usually on campaign and are drawn from the best and most proficient men available at the time.

Formed into small heavily armed and armoured units, it is the job of these soldiers to storm fortifications and breaches in defense's and break enemy formations on the battlefield.

The pavaise the warrior carries has the Cheansachad Imperial colour's of black, white and red and bears the device of the white tower, one of the emblems of the Queen, signifying his membership of the White Leopards, one of the Imperial Household regiments.

These bands of assault troops are often picked from the younger noblesse and are rightly feared by their foes for their courage and fierceness in the breach. This elan is largely a factor of that if they are victorious and survive their 'promotion' to the often fatal posting, they can expect great rewards and field promotion if they do.

The units of assault troops are usually temporary formations and are stood down after assault's or occassionally at the end of campaign's.


  1. Very nice, love the shield and the metalic color...

  2. Nice mini, the pavise is brilliantly done.

  3. Nice mini, the pavise is brilliantly done.