Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Errinian Foot Knight

Another old sketch resurrected, this time of an Errinian Foot Knight.

Depicting a Foot Knight of Krynar descent, these peoples make up the backbone of the Errinian forces and are enthusiastic in their support of the ruling Dragon Lords.

Ferren Myoch, located in the north east of Errin on the Lornian Empire border, and part of Ellenshermall Duthaich (Province or territory), the area being well known for the quality of it's infantry, many of whom hire themselves out as mercenaries, or more accurately condotterie, to their Lornian neighbours in particular.

The sketch was done back in '84 and was always a favourite of mine. I had intended to do a colour version of this sketch and I may now get around to this with the aid of technology.

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