Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Alba World Map

Not having huge amounts of time available, my updates on all things Lornian have been a bit remiss of late. I have recently managed to get the first 'draft' as it were of the colour version of the Alba World map

The map shows the area largely used for previous D&D campaigns from many moons ago and encompasses the majority of the area with the Barriers. (The enitrety of that will be another map in the fullness of time).

Having got this map done it can now form the bases of future, more detailed maps which all help delineate the concepts.

A illustration of this is the map produced detailing the area to be used for my Solo Campaign for the Northern theatre of the War of Rulership.

Campaign Theatre
Things start to take a bit of shape.

The other progress I've made is again a tidy up of an old map which details the various provinces and Dukedoms etc of the Lornian Empire which should be complete shortly.

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