Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Musings on Strategic Level

Still no progress to report, but have been having thoughts on all sorts of topics.

Still planning on starting a Solo Wargames campaign, probably to be set in the northern realms, but need to get pen to paper on that one. The mechanisms for gaming are just about in place but still in the early stages just yet.

I have also been thinking seriously about putting pen to paper perhaps in a more meaningful way, by way of a book. That will be a long term project, but I'm determined to give it a good try. See if there is truth in the adage that everyone has a least one book in them.

Have also been thinking about being creative in another way, namely artwork. Probably in the way of illustrations rather than anything too grandiose but this one might need more in the way of a visiting muse to stir the blood, but again, you never know.

Anyway, watch this space....now and again at least to see if there has been any progress to report.

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