Thursday 22 February 2018

Mernoth - Political Map

A map of the Kingdom of Mernoth situated within the southern central portion of the continent of Fayrenneth.

The Realm of Mernoth is one of the oldest nation states in central Fayrenneth.

The kingdom is an amalgamation of the several ancient Clans of the Clenach race who have lived in the area since the mid part of the 47th Age.

Generally autonomous and living independently, the kingdom as it exists today came into being with the rise of the Cellebrian Empire and it’s violently expansionist policies forced the Clans in the eastern side of the Sea of the Kelpies to band together to resist this aggression, culminating in the formation of the kingdom around 12,212 47th Age under King Cherann Goulghachan, the then Chieftain (or self styled King) of the Argyerhrighean. His seat of power, Tirr an Seckrand remains the capital and power base of the Arwain of Mernoth to this day.

Currently little occupied with the War of Rulership but lending some large numbers of mercenary troops to it's neighbours who are involved, Mernoths' main point of attention is to the west and it's plans for limited expansion in that direction.

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