Thursday 22 February 2018

Mernoth - Political Map

A map of the Kingdom of Mernoth situated within the southern central portion of the continent of Fayrenneth.

The Realm of Mernoth is one of the oldest nation states in central Fayrenneth.

The kingdom is an amalgamation of the several ancient Clans of the Clenach race who have lived in the area since the mid part of the 47th Age.

Generally autonomous and living independently, the kingdom as it exists today came into being with the rise of the Cellebrian Empire and it’s violently expansionist policies forced the Clans in the eastern side of the Sea of the Kelpies to band together to resist this aggression, culminating in the formation of the kingdom around 12,212 47th Age under King Cherann Goulghachan, the then Chieftain (or self styled King) of the Argyerhrighean. His seat of power, Tirr an Seckrand remains the capital and power base of the Arwain of Mernoth to this day.

Currently little occupied with the War of Rulership but lending some large numbers of mercenary troops to it's neighbours who are involved, Mernoths' main point of attention is to the west and it's plans for limited expansion in that direction.

Monday 31 October 2016

Tollandor - Political Map

The erstwhile Kingdom of Tollandor, situated in south eastern portion of the continent of Fayrenneth is one of the group of young kingdoms which sprang up after the demise of the Celebrian Empire three or four hundred years ago.

The kingdom having always had close political and cultural ties with the Lornian Empire to the south east, has fallen into the arms of the Lornian Empire following the demise of the last king and his heir fighting with their allies at the Battle of the Mrackinair Hills. The kingdom is currently a Protectorate of the Lornian's until a new king can put on the throne.

The realm has suffered severely over the last four years of war and is trying to recover from the ravages of the conflict with a growing movement internally, to separate themselves from the Lornian's and the war.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Errin - Political Map

A Sketch Map of the Political Divisions of the Kingdom of Errin in the North West of Tir-Mor.

Allied to the Lornian Empire to the North East and currently at war with it's neighbour Pellandria to the South.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Pellandria - Political Map

Sketch Map of the Political regions of Pellandria, situated in Northern Tir-Mor.

The western provinces (beingnewly settled/conquered) as yet do not have official nomenclature.

Sunday 23 August 2015

WIP Artwork - Wendich Landscape

A small bit of WIP artwork of the view of the town of Wendich and environs in Central Lorn.

Friday 18 July 2014

New Campaign Map

Northern Wars Campaign Map
I've been working on a re-vamped (close detail) campaign map for the War of Rulership campaign which I have now finished.

With a high resolution and multiple layers I can edit, alter boundaries and zoom in and produce detail maps to my hearts content.

I'm now going to transpose a separate layer for army and troop positions and movements and the campaign action can notch up a gear.

With the progress on the campaign pretty slow but steady the first winter is drawing to close and things are hotting up with a few surprises, even for me (which is nice) so reports on the War will finally begin to appear soon.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Lornian Assault Trooper

This soldier is a Lornian Assault Trooper and is a member of the Imperial retinue.

An elite body who are formed from other Imperial regiments from time to time, usually on campaign and are drawn from the best and most proficient men available at the time.

Formed into small heavily armed and armoured units, it is the job of these soldiers to storm fortifications and breaches in defense's and break enemy formations on the battlefield.

The pavaise the warrior carries has the Cheansachad Imperial colour's of black, white and red and bears the device of the white tower, one of the emblems of the Queen, signifying his membership of the White Leopards, one of the Imperial Household regiments.

These bands of assault troops are often picked from the younger noblesse and are rightly feared by their foes for their courage and fierceness in the breach. This elan is largely a factor of that if they are victorious and survive their 'promotion' to the often fatal posting, they can expect great rewards and field promotion if they do.

The units of assault troops are usually temporary formations and are stood down after assault's or occassionally at the end of campaign's.